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Bad Arcade reviews

Started by mrx, Oct 07, 2015, 07:49 PM

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olympia amusments morley west yorkshire [concept gaming owned]

its one of the worst arcade that i have been in machines on regular refill as there not getting played

a load of there machines i.e bar x 7 in with no small change in them

a protype midas touch in a old party games 500 cab  ;)  allways crashing to the windows desktop so somebody at concept cannot code so thats no suprize

5 pound machines with loads of bulbs out and a few with reset faults

empire lo techs with no change in either tons of bulbs out

500s with concepts ticket machines on i wouldnt trust one them ticket machines just incase it screwed up

they have a freebee machine which goes off but you only get a token to put in when the female cashier is bothered to move  :( 

no drinks are offered plus the place is stone dead

so it you wont a good arcade i would either go to a teddys or a quicksilver


Otley amusments otley

the place is filled with  mixture of bar x s with 1 set on token but theres never no money in it  :(

theres a couple of classic mpu 5 bling king crazy a jumping jokers [loads of bulbs out]


but they never get any play as i have been in there in a afternoon and there was all on reset reels

party time whats not in good nick

1 highlite a orginal 15 quid red bar i.e climbing wins  :)

barcrest junky

There is some irony in that forum title  :D . But thank you for the review.



Both in Yorkshire, what did you expect :)


Oi I'm from Yorkshire originally


Quote from: Slasher on Oct 09, 2015, 02:06 PMOi I'm from Yorkshire originally

Yes and so am I...... for my sins ;)