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Do you still play the fruities.

Started by wearecity, Jul 22, 2015, 12:18 pm

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Just looking back at some of the giving up fruit machine threads over on everybody favourite forum FF  ;)

I can't believe how much of a different person I was back then. Up until, when the initial thread started, I was still spunking hundreds a month on and offline.

Anyway, it got me wondering if anyone I still talk to in FME land (i.e. you lot), still play them.

I said the other day on a forum, I'm not a gambling addict any more, but I am still a gambler.

I do still have the odd dabble on AWP's, but it isn't even once a month any more and it's always in a pub, unless I'm on holiday in Blackpool when it's the beach arcades, but never anywhere in town arcades. I must say I do like the DOND feature on machines, but I do quickly bore of AWP's and quite often I don't do more than £10 - £20, before I say, getting nowhere, can't be bothered playing it.

I do very occasionally end up playing £500 jackpots in the bookies, but again maybe only 2 or 3 times a year, when I go in with a mate. Sometimes I can do £100 though, which can annoy me, as I don't go into bookies by myself.

I also go to casinos a few times a year (maybe 6 or so) and play the slots. Normally I play them with what I take and won't ever go overly crazy, even sometimes collecting a profit, if I'm tired and or bored of them.

So anyone else, still have the odd dabble?


Nope never.  Although I was never a huge player of the fruities.  Used to go out for a few pints and lob about £20 in a 5p clubber but that was about it.  Played them a bit as a kid but nothing as bad as some of the horror stories I've heard/read with FME folk.

Banditboy will be along soon telling you how he makes about £150 a day on them... :P


i only play selectively these days in set areas theses days as i dont get any time these days only the odd full day here and there thats about it and plus i play in a circuit and thats done for a month now


I do still play the new stuff to a point, but I generally avoid anything that has numbered red boxes and this ugly bearded twat grinning at you.


Even if it doesn't have red boxes and the bearded one, it still is usually the same main feature format.

I find the occasional times, I still have a go on an AWP, it's the same format, of up to £10 in for a board £3-£5 offered on feature, either take it or lose. Of course you still get the odd time, you hit it right and perhaps that's just enough to keep me having the odd dabble on them.

To think, I used to go out of my way to play AWPs, like travelling 45 minutes into London just to play them and getting excited on the way about playing them and wondering what new machines were going to be out. This was despite the fact I knew I was going to lose, it seems utter madness now and now I wouldn't walk 2 minutes out of my way to play one.


I play machines to make money. I don't really enjoy it that much anymore. It becomes a chore.

barcrest junky

I haven't played in the wild for nearly 30 years now, but still enjoy the occasional classic  meet up to have a go on the real ones in private collections.



I know people who still play professionally, I played with these guys back in the late 80-90's, I still do have a dabble usually around Skegness only usually the summer months, but I only play what I know and it's a mix between having a little bit of entertainment with the aim to actually make some money even if it just pays for the day out.



i used to play heavy but know i only really focus on about 2 machines in castleford-2 machines in dewesbury-and the odd couple of machines while visiting mates to cover the costs these days and if i get a quick 20-30 profit i walk as walk and if i go out for a day punting its normally 1 full day a month on the winning from the 2 smaller town runs for the 4 machines


Used to be a big problem gambling,  but now a days just the odd binge in Weston every three months or so always avoid the bearded one. Do a bit of gambling online now but only £20 a week if I've money after bills. Machines went down hill around 2000 for me.  The 90's were full of happy days slotting a classic era of machines.