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Started by topshaun, Feb 24, 2019, 09:32 am

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Hello everyone, great to be a member on this site. I've been playing fruit machines since the 70's, so thats giving my age lol. from the 1p and 2p machines when 50p would last all night when we used to go to our caravan in the east coast. My area was the early 80s with the SRUs and MPU 2 and 3, clearly the best times for slot machines (and worst has it got me 'hooked') Nudge Double Up deluxe (JPM SRU) was my machine. Loved Carfields 'Jumping jack', anyone remember that?. As for the MPUs, loved Hi lites ans ofcourse the iconic Line Up. Moving on I loved Action Note and Swapa Note- the best of the action series. Then came the projects 777 et al hoping for the streak, which usually came in, though I was far from a professional player, and that followed on in the 90's, I was totally oblivious to any method or cheats on most machines, usually holding on for a streak or force, so Maygays often resulted in losses lol. I loved electrocoins Big 7 and Red bar £10.00 JP-double nudges. Then came the Astras and Partytime became my machine, had some great wins and hideous losses on it, though I found it better than some its clones. When I watch the YouTube vids on the methods ( Degys and Cheerful Pessimist) I sit and watch in amazement and despair at what i could have achieved had I been in the 'know'. Anyway thanks for reading this and a bigger thanks to all the creators who bring back all these machines.   


Nice intro topshaun, welcome to the site :)
Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)


Welcome, enjoy your stay!


Welcome, I fancy a Top Shandy for some reason now.


Just like Topdeck  shandy lol,, btw I dont know why I choose Topshaun as a name,suppose its as good as any.


Quote from: topshaun on Mar 01, 2019, 10:13 amJust like Topdeck  shandy lol,, btw I dont know why I choose Topshaun as a name,suppose its as good as any.

Errrr, because Shaun is such a top name!

i agree with you! correct spelling also. ;)