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Started by REEL WORLD SLOTS, Nov 13, 2017, 02:40 pm

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Hokey cokey is now on the android google play app store with £5,£10 and £25. works exactly the same as the arcade version complete with nudge setups.
to download to android phone please click the link below.


its finally has arrived hokey cokey has been conquered and brought to the Android device with £5, jackpot,£10 jackpot and £25 jackpot

to download click the link below.


Hokey Cokey Arena UK Slot

NOW With Multi-Stake and Jackpots

♦ 20p Play & £5 Jackpot
♦ 20p Play & £10 Jackpot
♦ 30p Play & £25 Jackpot

Featured authentic play with Magic Nudge Setups

Default 80% Payout
(Can be changed if you can find enhanced % Mode)

Welcome to the latest release from CAshman_eq's penny arcade.

Throughout time there are very few things that have managed to entertain the masses in more than 2 decades. Well, here we have a perfect specimen of such achievement. With the original PartyTime slots being released in the late 1990's it's amazing to think that to this day these slots are still gracing our arcades up and down the country. All with the exact same winning formula they started with.

Here is my look and feel interpretation of these slots. Now I know what you are thinking... these machines do weird nudges, does your slot simulate these. The simple answer is YES. To the best of my knowledge this machine perfectly recreates the 10 Jackpot combinations, the one Bar/Astra combination and the god knows how many X combinations. As you play this game you will learn of these combinations and be able to head out into the world armed with a little more knowledge about the way this strangest of nudge features works.

Slot Features
♦3 Bottom Reels
♦Holds (With 3 Holds and In)
♦Nudges (With Magic Nudge Setups)
♦Winning Spins After Using Nudges
♦Authentic Win Symbols and Sounds
♦Random start for 3 Reels BIG MONEY Top Box

But wait... why is this called the Community version, what is so special about the Community version of this slot?

As with any time you enter a fruit machine arcade. Picture the scene, your 14 years old, you're in SkegVegas on the annual family holiday with your parents. Anyway, you finally ditch them at the caravan and head off out into the wild on your own with your hard earn money in your pocket.

You wander into the first arcade, at which point you are presented with dozens of fruit machines all flashing away crying out for you to put your money in them.

In this community slot as in the above situation, you have a choice of which machine to play. You select the one you wish to, try a few pound in it see what happens. Carry on if you are happy or move on if you think it's not the one.

Once you have finished on the slot Win or Lose that slot in then made available to all other online players. They then pick up from where you left off. Your job is to use your intuition and skill to try and make a profit on my slots in this dog eat dog game. Looking to stake your claim on the title of best fruit machine player in the CAshman_eq universe.

This app will require you to set up an account. A username and a pin number are all that is required. Once set up as well as the slots being online so is your account, you can use your credit on any applicable CAshman_eq Community slot that you wish.

The game is entirely free to play, playing as much and as often as you like. When you exhaust your credit do not worry you can have some more. The only restriction to this is that you must have an internet connection throughout, the amount of data transmitted is minimal but a good connection is recommended. The management accepts no responsibility for problems caused by holes in you EE 4G coverage (Other networks and providers are available)

Hokey Cokey slot is for entertainment purposes only and no real money is wagered, and as such you do not receive any of your winnings. This machine by default pays out at 80%, which in real-world terms is fair. However, you can enhance your wins by activating the secret enhanced % Mode. If you do crank it up using enhanced % Mode please do not expect similar results on real casino slot machines.