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Have a Happy New Year

Started by Zippy, Dec 31, 2020, 11:36 PM

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Not the greatest of years this year for many obvious reasons but we did have a few good things come from it like v20 and people's constant input. Hope 2021 is more perky than this year, so will still wish you all including your friends and family a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

I'll raise a glass to Wizard and say please keep looking down on us and bring us a bit of luck for 2021 please.


Yes, Happy New Year to everyone.  2021 can't be as bad as last year!!
Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)


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Happy New Year to everyone at Dad's, surely it can't be any worse than 2020.


Happy new year to all at dads, ok 2020 was a shite of a year but it wasn't all that bad we had a mfme update and it looks like it could be implemented in a virtual arcade type program
Who knows what 2021 will bring it could be worse than last year 2020 maybe just the icing on the cake


I hope everyone has a much kinder, safer and easier new year...

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