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Dads FME old site

Started by damo0666, Nov 28, 2014, 02:35 am

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 So now we have got this new Dads FME site, which I must say is great and I've wanted to be a member for a while, but couldn't sign up on the old site for some reason,

i was just wondering what's happened with the old site,

is it still about and can be used or has it gone completely


The old site had been turned into a kind of archive and can be found here:


No attachments I'm afraid and the site is Read Only!!

If you require any layouts listed there or any other attachments then let me know.

Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)


Ok cheers mate, just that I couldn't find it on Google

Mr Z

So there was an old Dads fme site as well i wondered why it said since 2002 at the top

so what happened with the old one then, just wanted to start over


FME has had rather a roller coaster ride at times, ups and downs.  We have survived without emulator updates for ten years or so but this meant fme topics got thin on the ground and members moved on.
I guess this place just did not have enough interest and thus closed. I'm overjoyed its back as I value the core membership here a lot, hope its supported this time around and it stops open a long time...

Mr Z

lets hope this site has lots of new updates and lasts 10 years plus