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Started by torbay fruits, Oct 20, 2020, 08:38 pm

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torbay fruits

Hello Dad and all who work hard to keep this site up and running.Im a member over on D.I.Fs and decided it was about time i came over here to say hello aswell.From first impressions it looks like many of the same faces are active on this site as on D.I.Fs but maybe there are some new faces aswell.Just wanted to say that i live in torbay and have played the fruits since i was a kid.Grew up in this sea side town so like many people who live in simular areas arcades were plentyful.

I enjoy playing fruit machines to this very day but like to think that i now only play for fun and never spend more than i can afford.Of course i wouldnt be a true gambler if that rule goes out the window from time to time and i find myself getting sucked into playing something even though the line has been crossed and you know you are not getting your money back but you still cannot walk away!!!! Im sure weve all done it.I like to record some of my sessions and put it up on youtube,but like i said i only do this for fun.

I started playing MFME about 6 years ago maybe and because i had and still have no clue about computors it took along time (and lots of help from very paitent friends) to be able to get up and running.But i got there in the end.Having bought a new laptop a few months ago i found myself in the position of having to try and remember how on earth i got it all to work way back then.But ive managed it.Alot of thanks has to goto Degseys youtube channel as he has some videos that were and still are extremely helpful in getting me started again.

I still to this day have no clue how computors work and not a clue how people even go about making these amazing layouts but i am extremely grateful to each and every person who has anything to do with helping get to the final product....a playable fruit machine that you remember from your youth right there on your laptop waiting for you to play.......and all this for free!!!! truly amazing.Again from watching Degsey videos i learnt the sad news that Mr Wren had passed away.This was the man responsible for gifting to the world the programme that allows the layouts to run.I never knew Wizard but it was obvious how much he meant to everyone in this community and its good to see he is remembered on this site aswell as others.I just wanted to acknowledge that many people work hard and give their time to make this stuff but the emulator its self was one mans life work and for that work to then be shared with us all free of charge is truly amazing.I see some posts where someone has made an account and their first post is "where are the downloads" or comments along those lines.I can imagine how frustrating that must be to the people who have worked so hard.

Anyway,this was just going to be a quick introduction post from myself and i feel i maybe banging on abit!!!
So,777heavens was really the first machine i played "properly".didnt have a clue how to play but it was when i really moved from casual play to wanting to know all there was to know.I just love project coin and seeing a good selection all lined up in Daves arcade in bognor makes me want to visit sooooo
I have been to reel fruits in maidenhead and Mr Ps in chatham and it was an amazing couple of days.That was over 2 years ago and what with covid and busy at work ive not had time to go for another visit.But how amazing that i can fire up my laptop,load up MFME and stick 7heavens or crazy pays or hit the six and just give them a real good play untill i get the run/streak!!! Its again,before i download anything from this site,a massive thankyou to you all for making this possible.I just know there are hours and hours of fun awaiting me on this site.


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Well that's the longest intro we've had so far lol. Welcome to the site :)
Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)


Welcome to Dadsfme, that's some intro.

Big J

Fantastic stuff and a warm welcome😊
Big J


A very nice detailed intro
Makes a change from "hi my names Dave, I wanna play partytime it won't run?"
Seen your vids from the arcades around the English riviera they're not to bad down there been a few times myself