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Started by Geddy, Jan 28, 2015, 12:13 PM

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I used to follow DADs' thread on the other forum with Ross IIRC regarding their other hobbies, mainly playing guitar...  Was always very interesting to read, hopefully that thread can be revisited here or somewhere... :)

Anyone who has me on Facebook will know of my other two hobbies.....

One and I'm not sure why I think it was my daughter got a couple when she was younger is collecting Hippos.  Yip soft toy ones, glass ornaments, Hippo pens etc etc.... anything with a hippo on it.... lol.

Secondly and this is the one where I appeal for help is I collect elongated pennies.  This started when my son wanted some in Florida from Disney World, over the next three years we managed to collect all from there and Universal Studios and the Kennedy Space Centre.  Many new Disney ones have been introduced since my  last visit, they are relentless lol.  I know JAFC has sent me some from Blackpool and I've had some sent from Paris etc.  I have personally collected a lot from Germany, Belgium and places here like Manchester, Liverpool and the Midlands.

I would be grateful is anyone sees a machine they could nab them and let me know (I will pay for them etc,) especially if you are from Yorkshire, London or generally the South Coast.  I do have lists if anyone wants to check.... thanks :)


We often used to collect these when my son was younger.   Might have some kicking around, you will no doubt have them being a collector.

I'm sure I remember a Doctor one, not sure where that was from, maybe Skegness Butlins.

Anyway I can have a look.



These are the ones from Florida you already know about ;)
Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)


Might as well be beanie babies.


Other hobbies, apart from drinking, wanking, tits, and fannies are -

ROMS and emulation - Currently at over 24TB online.
North-East Industrial Heritage - pits, iron, steel, shipbuilding etc.
North-East Railways, in particular inclines.
Comedy, particular North-Eastern, Bobby Thompson, Alan Snell, Bobby Martin, Billy Hooper, Brendan Healy etc.
Spending time with the two Birman cats.

FME is for life, not just for Christmas.


Oh, I think I have a couple from Florida.   If I remember clearly we used one of these penny pressers in an M&M shop at a mall in Florida. 



@re-emulated I do not have the Dr Who ones as they are not near me now, used to be in Liverpool.  I also do not have the M&M ones.  I do have the ones DAD posted, thanks..

So they would be great of course :)


NQ.... are you interested in just North East Industry or will the Midlands do? I know I've picked up some bits and pieces for you in the past but I can get loads of stuff regarding the Potteries and on other days out stuff to do with canals and iron works stuff, let me know.. :)  Oh plenty of fannies around here but probably not the type you are looking for.. :)


i collect dust ;)


I've a few.

-Playing fruit machines in real life
-Fixing computers and laptops (both hardware and software)
-Looking after a few forums and IRC networks
-Hacking phones (for example, custom roms/software, not as in voicemail shit that NOTW got in trouble for, that's not even hacking)
-Travelling about on trains (although usually to do something or stay somewhere, but I do like trains)

I'll probably think of loads more but can't remember right now.


Quote from: Slasher on Jan 31, 2015, 07:10 PMI'll probably think of loads more but can't remember right now.

Reflex bashing in any way, shape or form.


Quote from: Matty on Jan 31, 2015, 07:52 PM
Quote from: Slasher on Jan 31, 2015, 07:10 PMI'll probably think of loads more but can't remember right now.

Reflex bashing in any way, shape or form.
Fucking Reflex.

Apple bashing too!


My sister bless her sent me this one but neglected to get the others from the same machine.... ;)


I happened to mention once to one of my nephew's that I loved watching 'Meerkat Manor' on the Animal Planet channel...

...since then - I have ended up with a Meerkat mural, Meerkat ornaments, a Meerkat mug, a Meerkat fountain pen, pen and pencil set and a Meerkat that lights up at night on the garden patio which charges through the Sun.

I wish I hadn't ever said anything now! ;)
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my hobbies, photography, spent far too much on lenses and cameras though, its great just going out for a walk and capturing the wildlife etc, also airshows, ive got some great photos from the air tattoos over the last few years, im also an arsenal season ticket holder though not sure if thats really a hobby  lol