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Who do you want as staff at Fruit-Emu?

Started by Zeus, Jan 19, 2015, 07:44 pm

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Jan 19, 2015, 07:44 pm Last Edit: Jan 19, 2015, 09:47 pm by Zeus
Get voting mere mortals :)



I voted for myself...... lol

+ it's just spa :)


At least he did not put 'SPA' or 'SPAR' - these God of Gods are bloody useless.

Tommy c

Voted for dad. Woild have been dad and geddy for multiple Voted.


Voted for spa and 2nd would have been Geddy


I'm not going to take part in the vote here or at Fruit Emu because although I've posted there just lately when I have had to do, I really have no intention of making it my home again...

...that doesn't mean that I don't want the best for the forum - I do with my whole heart, but I feel I'm part of the ancient history there that needs to be cleared and my input on a regular basis maybe more of a distraction than a benefit for the place. 

I do hope though (if the vote is still valid after all that has happened yesterday) that whoever is elected, whether a fresh start or continued as is, that they knuckle down and get the site back to what it is used to be - Fruit Emu is a vital part of the FME scene and it really needs to get back into shape and order for the continuation of the new emulators you've all been promised and vital resource gathering... which as the years go by, become rarer and harder to find more than ever. 

Everybody, please work together when the vote has been made officially at Fruit Emu... accept the outcome, no matter which vote is achieved and ALL of you put FME, not your own interests or agenda at the prime of making it a wonderful site again. 

Love and peace, as always x
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A very true and respectful post there daryl and I hope you do visit, which you probably will, all the forums from time to time.
Back to the poll above is this for the fruit emu mod vote will it count towards the end result. And can you vote for more than one member.


I presume it's a piss take or 'test the water' poll Vecs.  Zeus has been known on the old DADsFME site to put random polls up.... he even had a warning once about it...lol.  Got to be careful with him though with those bolts of lightening etc... lol


Tommy c

He must be a scene member from.past times, he seems to know a lot :)



Quote from: altharic on Jan 20, 2015, 03:36 pmAlmighty zeus. :)

Yeah best ban him for not signing up with the same nick...... lol...... who the hell does he think he is... Perseus?


Quote from: Geddy on Jan 19, 2015, 09:46 pmAt least he did not put 'SPA' or 'SPAR' - these God of Gods are bloody useless.

It's like they are shouting at me, and it happens all the time. Only been about for over a decade..... meh!


The poll should be ancient history by now all this foot dragging has caused this.


The voting is NOW OPEN at Fruit-Emu..... ;)