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DADsFME is now .COM

Started by DAD, Aug 05, 2019, 06:05 pm

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A few years ago DADsFME almost closed its doors for good.  Wizard had said "No more MFME" and the site and particularly its staff were getting all kinds of shit from various people and I kind of lost heart in it all.  FME at that point wasn't in a great place.

What really saved DADsFME was a message from Alex (aamusements) from Fruit-Emu who offered host the site for free and even offered to purchase the domain name from me which he eventually did. This arrangement continued for several years right up to a few weeks back when I noticed the the dadsfme.co.uk domain name was within a month of expiring, that together with the latest batch of outages got me a little concerned and the fact that for whatever reason Alex has been a little quiet of late.  Obviously, I hope he's OK and everything is fine but I thought it was time for a change.

I really want to say a personal 'thank you' to him at this time for his support for all these years and I hope there's no hard feelings for jumping ship as it were.  If it wasn't for you DADsFME would not be still around so "thanks very much Alex"!!

This brings me to the new arrangement..

DAD's is now hosted by Reg @ Desert Island Fruits who very kindly made an offer to support the site by moving it over to his more secure server.  I once again own the domain name which as mentioned in the thread title is now 'dadsfme.com' so it might be a good idea to update your bookmarks.  The move was done by 'Pete W' who runs the Mecca to massive thanks to both of you, hopefully this new arrangement will continue for many years to come.

Long live FME :)
Welcome to DADsFME, enjoy your stay :)

Tommy c

Fantastic,excellent stuff :)


Nice move there Dad, didn't know the history of the arrangement of Alex with your site so ya glad that this was done at the time which saved DAD's. Also dad glad you didn't chuck in the towel as you have made great layouts over the years and it would be a same to lose someone like yourself from the scene. Long may it continue. lo tech's are some of the best, Thank you DAD.


Many thanks to Dad and all concerned :)


Good to see it all sorted Dad


Welcome back,

Cheers Alex, Reg, Pete and of course Andy.


Great to see us on a new server hosted by Reg (thank you)...

Hopefully this is the start of pastures new for DAD's, and FME in particular.
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Great news DAD, long live DADsFME!! Many fantastic layouts have come from this fab site and thanks to Reg over @ Desert Island Fruits :)